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So sorry, someone had asked a question “can i suck your dick” and i mistakenly deleted sorry once again

By the way the answers to that question is yes if get to suck you off next. Lol ;)



Whitest thing I’ve ever seen


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Anonymous asked:

How did u know u were bi because I am wondering if I am still straight , gay or bi and I have all these mixed feelings can u help?


Ermm well obviously your having doubts.. So that’s kinda a sign of bein bi… I did stuff with some straight guys and I was straight at the time and the I just decided I was bi bc I enjoyed it a lot but I also enjoy dating girls … So a few questions I’m gonna say… I’ll use me as an example..
Do you get hard seeing me or any other guy naked? If so then ur attracted to guys.
Do you get hard seeing girls naked then ur attracted to girls.. So if u answer both yes ur bi… Also if u don’t want to have sex with a guy but u still have attraction then your still bi .. Hope this helps


all he wants to do is to suck his mate’s dick! look at his eyes! lol

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